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Home Office Design

In today's fast paced world, Muranos Furniture believes whether you work from home, or just desire a quiet and stylish environment to get your taxes done and check your email or if you’re looking for a writing space devoted to the book you’ll finish – or start – one of these days, a home office is one of the most surprisingly personal rooms a house can have. Home Office's are a combination of business and character, function and comfort – so it should be furnished to reflect this. Make your home office look like more than a workspace and you’ll make it more effective.

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So how do you achieve this wonderful den of productivity?

Muranos Furniture encourages you to consider some of these tips when you begin furnishing your home office or study.

1. Find your inspiration. You don’t have to be Art major to appreciate a beautiful painting, nor do you need a set of First Editions to make your shelves look legitimate. Shop, browse and access artistic pictures and prints, or spend some time at a museum to find out what might be to your taste or what gets you mentally engaged – whether it’s Picasso or Jackson Pollock. Be sure to display on  your bookshelves the books, and accessories you love, everything from Greek philosophy to John Grisham. Then let your inspirations dictate your design.

2. Wallpaper or painting? Flooring.While you might not want to choose a loud neon yellow, no matter your taste, be sure to let your mind explore options beyond just eggshell or grey. And don’t rule out wallcoverings, which comes in a variety of styles too numerous to detail. Whether you want simple, mission-style white-washed walls or antique Victorian paper designs, there are options out there for you. When it comes to flooring, consider wood flooring with area rugs for versatility.

3. Pick out furniture. Here at Muranos Furniture we understand you don’t need to be a professional psychiatrist to have a couch in your office. This is both a place to work and a place to take breaks from work, so have a comfortable couch or armchair to recharge your battery and let your brainmull things over. Perhaps you’ll go a contemporary route, with a modern sectional sofa, or choose some lounge furniture if you want your office to look more like a five-star hotel.

Remember that a home office is still part of the home. So while it’s a workplace, let Muranos Furniture assist you in creating a comfortable environment.

Bedrooms Design

You've planned, designed and decorated your new sleep space, now its time to furnish it. Muranos Furniture of Staten Island NY understands finding the right furniture for your bedroom will go a long way towards improving your quality of sleep, as well as creating a space that's comfortable, stylish and practical.

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There are a few things to understand.

Lets get down to The Basics

A bedroom is far more than just a place to sleep - unless you're a college student - and there's more to furnishing, than throwing a few pieces together and hoping it works. But, family palace or crash pad, there are certain basic elements common to every bedroom. The key is not to cram in too much - keep the furniture to the minimum and add character and warmth with bedding, upholstery and drapes. Most of all, keep it neat. There's no way you can relax in  clutter.

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The basis of every bedroom is the bed, storage for clothes in the form of a wardrobe and possibly a chest of drawers. Bedside tables are a must for many of us, and, depending on the amount of space and your personal taste, you may want to include a dressing table, TV Hutch, chair, ottoman or a bench.

Which Bed to Buy?

Beds are divided into two types - platforms and bedframes. A platform consists of a mattress on a matching upholstered base, with both parts sold together. The base is usually available with the option of storage drawers, which are roomy enough for spare duvets and pillows. A bedstead is a metal or wooden frame, with a mattress on top, purchased as a package, or separately. A bowed or sprung slatted base will give better support than solid slats.

Some bedrails incorporate storage, but in most cases you'll need to buy extra drawers or boxes. Make sure there's enough space under the bed and go for ones on castors that slide out smoothly and can be tucked right underneath.

How Big Should a Bed Be?
Classic Dimensions (W x L)

Single 39in x 75in
Full 54in x 75in
Queen  60in x 80in
King 76in x 80in
California King 72in x 84in

If space is an issue, don't go for bedframe with footboards - such as sleigh beds or platforms - as these take up more room than more simple designs. And it's worth remembering that bedrails are generally slightly smaller than bedframes, although the mattresses are the same size.

Finding A Headboard

The headboard is the part of the bed you really notice and very much dictates the style of the room. While bedrails are usually sold without them, so they need to be bought separately, they are integrated into bedframes.

There's a vast selection, ranging from barely there, low level wooden platforms, for a contemporary, understated feel, through to ornate, wrought iron models for a vintage or boudoir effect. Look out for modern four posters in iron or dark wood, and sleigh beds in wood or upholstered in leather. Oversized, high headboards are particularly fashionable, in faux suede, velvet, or other sumptuous fabrics.

Go Without A Headboard

Pile on the style with pillows and cushions and do without a headboard completely, or create your own, individual design by hanging a length of fabric, a wall hanging or even a rug behind the bed from a narrow pole or row of hooks.

Or, set the bed away from the wall abit and put a shelf at headboard level - this can act as a headboard/storage shelf and bedside tables all at once, and can look fab if it's stocked with books, pictures and lamps.

Design An Alternative

Other alternatives to conventional headboards include optional wall panels which sit behind the bed and incorporate bedside tables - perfect for a highly contemporary, streamlined feel. Or get a carpenter to fit a length of wood which reaches right up the ceiling, and add a narrow shelf for books or favorite photos.

Look for Further articles on Buying a Wardrobe, Bedside Table andDressing Tables coming soon in our best efforts to help you design and implement a one of a kind bedroom for your tastes.

Living Room Design

Muranos Furniture of Staten Island NY understands the importance of having a Living Room that not only supports your lifestyle , but makes a statement of who you are. If you are shopping for a new sofa or couch, their are many resources available for you to view to get ideas from (UFAC) and the (AFMA) make the following recommendations:

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  • Color is the first element to which you the consumer will respond.
  • When you find a style that appeals to you, sit in it,  try it out for comfort.
  • Bounce up and down on the cushions. Make sure it feels comfortable to you.
  • Wiggle the arms. Do they hold firm, indicating good workmanship?
  • Lift the frame. Does it feel heavy and sturdy?
  • Examine the fabric. Are the seams straight? Does the fabric line up properly? Does it feel pleasing to the touch?
  • Check the price. Quality sofas are available in all price ranges.
  • Measure it. You don't want the sofa to overwhelm your room, but you also don't want it to be dwarfed by other pieces.
  • For fire safety reasons, look for the gold UFAC tag, indicating that the sofa manufacturer certifies it is made in accordance with UFAC methods designed to reduce the likelihood of upholstered furniture fires from smoldering cigarettes.
  • After you've done all your checks, the most important thing is to follow your heart. If you love it, then it's right for you.

Practical Tips to assist as you shop for living room furniture

If you are decorating or remodeling your living room, The American Furniture Manufacturers Association makes the following recommendations for living room furniture shopping:

  • First consider your lifestyle. Do you have children?
  • Determine your budget.
  • In addition to a sofa or other major seating piece, do you require a chair or two for guest accommodations.
  • You should include occasional tables such as an end tables and/or a cocktail table.
  • An entertainment center or wall unit is a must for todays electronic equipment, TV, DVD, cable box etc.
  • Measure your space carefully to determine what furniture you can comfortably accommodate.
  • Lamps should be a must for a living room.
  • Accessories are essential to put the finishing touch on your space.
  • Most importantly, enjoy your space.

Muranos Furniture features the finest selections of upholstered furniture in Staten Island New York. If you want to find the perfect sofa, loveseat, chair, chaise or sectional for your living room, family room or den, then you'll want to check out Muranos Furniture. Staten Island NY's finest selection of living room and family furniture. We are the Staten Island New York authorized dealer for the finest furniture brands available.

Dining Room Design

Are you are decorating or remodeling your dining room, The American Furniture Manufacturers Association offers the following recommendations for dining room furniture shopping:

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  • Do you want formal elegance or casual comfort? First decide on the tone of the room.
  • Decide on a budget.
  • Measure and evaluate your space to see what pieces you can accommodate.
  • Basic pieces for a well-equipped dining room are generally a table and chairs, a china cabinet for display and storage and a sideboard or buffet for serving and additional storage.
  • The dining table and chairs are the centerpiece of the room – this is a good place to start.
  • When shopping, look underneath the table to see how it is supported – four legs, pedestal, trestles – you want something that will be comfortable for you and your guests.
  • Dining tables are generally constructed of wood, metal , natural or cast stone, often with a glass or stone top.
  • Most materials also are offered in a variety of finishes, from light to dark. Examine the finish by rubbing your hands across the top and sides.
  • Be sure to take a seat in the dining chairs and sit back for a while. Wiggle the backs, legs and arms. Do they feel sturdy? Are they comfortable?
  • Once you've selected your major furniture pieces, move to the finishing touches: accessories. They will help you create the right ambience.

Muranos Furniture features the finest dining room furniture selection in Staten Island. Great selection of tables, chairs, servers, buffets, china cabinets, bakers racks, bars and bar stools. Casual dining furniture for your kitchen or formal dining furniture for your dining room.